Center for career development and support for entrepreneurship

Information about the Center for career development and and support for entrepreneurship

Center for Career Development and Entrepreneurship is a structural subdivision of Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University. The Center promotes the creation of conditions for career development, further employment and support of entrepreneurial initiatives of higher education applicants by providing consulting and information services, organizing informal education, trainings, seminars, raising the educational level for entrepreneurial activity.

The Center’s activities are aimed at developing entrepreneurial skills of higher education students by involving them in the practical implementation of business projects and the implementation of personal business ideas, including jointly with medium and small businesses. This contributes to strengthening the practical orientation of the educational process and attracting potential employers to participate in it; increasing the business and entrepreneurial activity of higher education applicants; involving representatives of the business community and stakeholders in organizing and conducting trainings, seminars, competitions, business tournaments; informal training, further formation of training grounds of practice of different orientations for various fields of activity.

The main objectives of the Center are:

– Creating and strengthening links between business and education;
– Organization of events aimed at developing entrepreneurship skills of students;
– Creation of conditions for career development and promotion of students’ employment, including the provision of consulting assistance;
– Organization of courses for students to increase their potential for entrepreneurial activity;
– Provision of comprehensive consulting, educational and information services on business law, basics of entrepreneurship, taxation, lending, investment, etc;
– Organization of intra-university competitions of business projects with further submission of the best of them for participation in regional and all-Ukrainian competitions, competitions;
– Creating conditions for cooperation with potential employers.
– Implementation of operational cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Ukrainian Foundation for Entrepreneurship Support, other domestic and foreign funds and programs.
– Conducting seminars, trainings and other activities to provide employment assistance at the career planning stage. Conducting organizational and advisory work with students on their employment.
– Organization of information work aimed at announcing events held at the city and regional levels in the field of employment promotion.
– Implementation of projects aimed at the formation and development of public and entrepreneurial initiatives.
– Close cooperation with student self-government bodies, the University Alumni Association on establishing business relations with working graduates-potential employers and solving issues related to assistance in organizing employment of university students.
– Establishing cooperation with the state employment service, with enterprises, public organizations, mass media, research institutes, authorities and local governments on promoting student employment.
– Promoting the development of international relations of the University with the involvement of graduates working abroad.


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EU Career Day is a series of public events where representatives of the EU Networks and all active and interested citizens can share their thoughts, their own experience on the implementation of EU standards and practices in Ukraine, participation in EU programs for the development of new business and educational opportunities, discuss trends in the labor market, in particular on the knowledge and skills that young people need to make a successful career

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Гранти для студентів та молоді

Types of practices

  • educational (mainly for the initial courses, which is introductory to the future specialty);
  • industrial (for second or third year bachelors – technological, design, etc;)
  • pre-diploma (is the final stage of training, there is a collection of materials for diploma design);
  • research (for the educational degree of Master).