Looking for a safe educational environment?

Olena Smyrnova, Associate Professor of the Department of Practical Psychology and Social Work, together with higher education students Alla Raskolets and Vlada Chernova, took part in the II International Multidisciplinary Conference

“Main Challenges and Problems of University Education in the Context of War: Ukraine (2022-2024)”.

The event was organized by the Faculty of Arts of the University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Canada). Participants from the Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University presented a report “Formation of a Psychologically Safe Educational Environment”, in which they revealed the general principles of organizing such an environment: the formation of subject-subject relationships; cooperation as a joint activity, communication, mutual understanding and mutual support; subjectivity and dialogic relationships, the formation of personal connections between participants in the educational process, relationships of sincerity and authenticity; respectful, friendly attitude to the individual.

Postgraduate students of the department, Oleksandr Antonenko, Serhii Omelianiuk, and Volodymyr Novatskyi, presented a report on Artificial Intelligence and Human Cognitive Processes.