Seminar for employees of socio-economic professions

An online event was held within the framework of the All-Ukrainian Mental Health Program “Are You OK?” at the initiative of First Lady Olena Zelenska for 106 employees of socio-economic professions, namely, specialists in the field of social protection, the Pension Fund, the State Service for Occupational Safety and Health, etc. on the topic “Mental Health of a Person in the Professional Coordinates of His/her Activity”.

During the event, the participants learned about the components of a person’s mental health, namely physical, mental and social health; understood the markers of mental health and factors that disrupt mental health. Particular attention was paid to mental health and its support in the system of professional relations, especially in the socio-economic sphere (job satisfaction, stress, ability to control events that affect life, etc.) The participants got acquainted with the existing mental disorders.