Immersive technologies for physical rehabilitation

The offline seminar “Prospects for the application of immersive technologies for physical rehabilitation and education” was held on the basis of the newly created educational and scientific laboratory of augmented reality XRLab. The seminar was attended by external stakeholders from the Public Organization “Implementation and Development of Immersive Technologies” (PO “VIR”), who have practical experience in implementing such solutions for the prevention of various types of diseases, as well as students and teachers of the Departments of Information Technology and Programming, Human Health and Physical Education, Psychology and Sociology, and the Faculty of Economics and Management.

Representatives of the PO “VIR” and teachers of the Department of Information Technology and Programming introduced the audience to the peculiarities of creating and using immersive content, and made a presentation of the available laboratory equipment.

Representatives of the departments and external stakeholders agreed on further cooperation in applied research of immersive technologies and improvement of techniques and technologies for physical rehabilitation of people who suffered various injuries as a result of the war. Another area of research and development is the use of immersive technologies in education and the implementation of the Immersive University concept.